Fleet Wash: Your Company Companion

Your clients depend on you for the great services you offer, whether it’s delivering packages or carpooling. They keep coming back to you because they have built a relationship, know that you are reliable, and even recommend you to others. You’re business thrives by word-of-mouth. You wouldn’t want to let down one of your steady clients for lacking in cleanliness, would you? By the end of the busy day, your company vehicles need attention too. Your reputation depends on a shiny coat and a comfortable ride for your customers. But you can’t keep an eye on all of your company vehicles all the time. Here are some reasons why you need fleet service.


What is the difference between fleet and traditional?

Fleet vehicles are any vehicle that provides a service such as the taxi and limousine service, police departments, bus companies, and public utilities. Typically, large companies would use fleet vehicles to haul belongings or passengers to and from a destination. Your company may only have 10-15 vehicles, whereas a larger company will have double, but you’re a company that provides a dedicated service to others therefore is considered service. Whether you have 7 or 15 work vehicles, you wouldn’t want to spend time cleaning every one of them. You have a business to run and that is why we take this tedious job off of your hands.

Why hire a fleet service when I can just give my employees extra money to wash them?

Do you really want someone inexperienced to wash your vehicles? Even if you have a row of Sudan’s that your company uses day in and day out, the first person that sees those vehicles are your employees, next to your customers. Your employees may not pay close attention to what’s been flying across the car and it’s not really their job to handle that aspect of your business. Sure, an employee may suggest that a vehicle needs an interior cleaning. They may just notice the obvious odors and dust and spills, but they aren’t going to pay close attention to much exterior details. A fleet service will come to your place of business and take care of each vehicle individually, big or small.

Your business deserves the best

You wouldn’t leave your expensive business attire in the hands of your son or daughter to spot clean, wash, and dry, would you? Why would you do the same for your fleet vehicles? In today’s market, you can find almost all cleaning products and tools to clean your vehicle. Our genuine fleet service only offers top-notch cleaning solutions for your unlimited monthly car wash. You wouldn’t find heavy duty fleet wash products on the shelves. Our products contain formulas that are made to remove, rust, road film, grease, and oils.

You’re in the spotlight

Yep. No matter how big or small your company or your vehicles, you are always being watched by others. They don’t have to be professional to notice the eroding paint or questionable odor. They just have to notice it for them to question how you run your service. The most important set of eyes that see your vehicle are the shareholders. When they take note of your clean and professional car, they feel at ease that you have everything in order. If your customers notice a dirty exterior, they don’t care about the excuse that you were swamped with calls. They will choose your competitor based on the lack of cleanliness. Statistics show that even the driver has trouble focusing and processing information when spaces get cluttered or become dirty.

Are you ready to give your business vehicles a makeover? Our unlimited monthly car wash service will wash your fleet vehicles whenever you see fit. Our team will come right to your business to get the job done right. Call us for our specials and to make an appointment today!

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