Several Different Methods For Getting Hard Water Off Your Car

For many people, hard water is a problem that they can’t get around. Whether it is rain, the water from their own hose, or the water from the streets, their car ends up looking like it has seen better days. To make matters worse, trying to wash it off with a hose, or even at some car washes will mean that nothing happens. The car will remain a spotted mess, causing stress and frustration as well as wasting money.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to remove hard water, and a few to ensure that it does not come back as well. This means that one’s car can be left in pristine condition, rather than dealing with strange spots all of the time.

The first method is to take it to a professional car wash. These will either have an automatic options that is much more thorough than the normal wash, or they will have someone who does this kind of work by hand. Either of these options is a great idea, and most people find that while hand work takes longer, it doesn’t produce worse results. Both of these should cost under $20, although in particularly bad cases, it may cost more.

The next method is to buy a commercial product from the store, using it on your own. This can be a bit more complicated, as you will need to filter the water that you are using, so you don’t cause the exact same problem again. These kits will generally have a cleanser of some kind, and many will have a microfiber cloth to help get everything looking perfect. Using one of these kits will generally take less than an hour to produce amazing results.

After the hard water has been removed, making sure that the car is protected is going to be the next order of business. There are a number of different products available on the market, from wax to offerings from armor-all and other companies. Each of these seeks to build a water-proof barrier between the car and the original source of contamination. This in turn means that it needs to be washed less often and that it looks better when it is washed.

The classic wax method is actually one of the easiest, simply wiping the wax into the car and buffing until it shines. However, there are sprays available that take a lot of the work out of water-proofing a car. However, these will generally have a bit longer drying time. The easiest way to is visit us at Treasure Coast Car Wash!

If you are going through a car-wash, they will generally have an option to apply a coating as well. This will generally take just a few seconds and is done as the car is drying, ensuring that the entire car has an even coat on its surface.

At the end of the day, getting rid of hard water stains on cars is actually pretty easy. Preventing them from coming back is even easier.

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