Are car wash brushes safe for your car?


It is a tedious job to maintain the exterior of a car because even a single finger swipe across the paint of a car shows noticeable blemishes. Who does not want to maintain the fresh glossy paint on their cars? Considering this we have gathered a few car-care tips on how to keep your car looking as good as new.

Causes of scratches on your car-

  • Using brushes that are too coarse and dirty can scratch your car be it a hand wash brush or a car wash brush.
  • Insufficient amount of water with insufficient pre-wash.
  • A new paint job on a car is less scratch resistant. So exposing such a car to a car wash when the paint has not completely dried off causes scratches.

How to choose the right brush?

Avoid swirls and scratch marks on your car by using brushes that have soft materials and are gentle on your car’s paint. Make sure that the bristles when bent recover their natural shape. Do not turn away if they there are expensive because over time the filaments of inappropriate brushes bend out of shape and wear out. A good quality car wash facility will have brushes that are made of microfibers or densely woven cotton which don’t pick up grit and dirt. For maximum suds coverage, foaming brushes are used. They are typically made of materials like hog’s hair, polyester or nylon. Such a facility would make sure that the brushes are continually primed with water and soap which would provide lubrication between the brushes and the car’s body.

Note: To avoid scratches on your car, make sure that the brush head is clean. A continuous flow of soap foam cleans the sand and dirt from the brush keeping it clean.

How to keep your car scratch free?

Will the car wash brushes scratch my car? This is one of the biggest and most common questions that we face in our car wash industry. It is quite unlikely that you would notice any swirl or scratch marks with meticulous washing and professional products. One of the best ways to ensure that the body of your vehicle remains swirl free is by applying wax every alternate month and a sealant every 7 months. But do ensure that you only choose the right sealant and wax for your car as some of them only do the job so much as to fill the scratches temporarily for a smoother appearance. You can very well purchase the products to do it yourself but if you are unsure about the process, have it professionally waxed at a good quality car wash facility.

It is very important that the vehicle is washed at a good car wash. Going to such a facility can be safer for your car’s look than washing it yourself. So make an informed decision when choosing the next car wash you take your car to.