Improving Employee Work Habits

When you pull up to a carwash, you’d like to see the guy behind the machine taking pride in his care for the number of vehicles he is responsible for. Although it may seem as they press a few buttons and make directional hand gestures, it’s still a demanding and dirty job that often gets overlooked. Sluggish employees could be a reflection of the lack of care from their employers. Employers need to offer the proper training techniques for their car wash employees. So how do you improve the motivation in your car wash employees?


Pay Up

Pay is another labor law that cannot waiver. Your employees should be hardworking and deserve to be paid for what they’re worth. Hiring in an ‘under-the-table’ mentality shouldn’t work, even for a place that does car detailing in Port St. Lucie. It leaves room for employers to take advantage of workers and employees to slack at their job. When they’re helping customers restore paint to the perfect shine, that’s a service that your customers will remember. You want your business to succeed therefore you need to find employees who value their job. And paying them equally and honestly is the way to go.

Reward for Good Behavior

Again, the car wash industry is a tough job. They scrub wheels, inspect and clean interior, vacuum interior, and even clean the engine. They work hard and they deserve recognition, especially if you’re receiving good commentary from your customers. Remember, your employees are always being exposed to harsh chemicals and customer demands. Each day, pay some attention to your employees to show them that you appreciate their hard work. Simple thank you’s and telling them they did a good job can go a long way.  Perhaps occasionally buy them lunch. Their good behavior is what’s enticing your customers to recommend your services to others!

Stand Your Ground

Try to have empathy and just connect with them on their level. But also stand your ground as their employer. Once you let your guard down and act as though they’re just one of your friends, you risk the respect factor.

Don’t trust your vehicle to the hands of an inexperienced car wash employee. Let our team of experts shine, buff, and bring out the new car in your prized vehicle. The car wash club in Port St. Lucie offers specials catered to your needs. Call our office today or stop by!