Clay Bar Treatment- Do You Need it?

Your vehicle takes a lot of the harsh outdoor elements. And in warm and sunny climates such as South Florida, we tend to get a lot of heat and salt in the air. These harsh elements chip, erode, and fade the finish of our vehicles. Many of us just take our vehicle for a car wash and wax in Port St Lucie and call it a day. But did you know that the Clay Bar Treatment may be able to restore the finish on your vehicle?


What’s a Clay Bar Treatment?

Clay bar treatment – or detailing clay – is the process of removing harsh contaminants from the surface of your car. Using this clay bar, you can remove acid rain, brake and rail dust, and industrial fallout. Over time, if these things are not properly removed, these pollutants can destroy your vehicle. They will eventually cut through the glass, paint, and metal, settling in cracks and crevices. Not even a few times at the car wash will rid those deep, pollutants. Detailing clay is non-abrasive and 100 percent effective if used correctly. This type of clay is similar to the clay that kids play with, only with more elasticity. The elasticity in the clay makes it durable when you roll and stretch it over the surface of your car.

How does it work?

The process of removing these deeply embedded markings is simple. Again, you will feel as though you’re a kid again, playing with modeling clay. Only this miracle-working clay will magically improve the finish of your car’s exteriors. So before you get your next car wash and wax in Port St. Lucie, give your car the clay treatment. The clay smoothes over the surface of your vehicle, catching anything protruding from the finish. Always wet the area in which you wish to apply the clay. This will keep loose debris and dust from scratching your vehicle in the process.

Do I Need the Clay Treatment?

Run your hand along your vehicle. From top to bottom, do you feel any rough spots? If so, it’s time for a clay treatment. It’s the only way you will successfully remove dust and contaminants from deep within the finish of your vehicle. Polishing may not be effective and has been proven to remove the paint whereas clay detailing is non-abrasive.

After you’ve given the clay bar treatment a try, stop down to the car wash club in Port St. Lucie, Treasure Coast Car Wash. We provide exceptional products that last and revive the look and feel of your vehicle. We offer basic car wash packages to unlimited hot wax packages that fit your needs and budget. Give us a call today for more information!