Top 5 Reasons to Join a Car Wash Club

Whether new or used, you want to preserve the interior/exterior as much as possible. And that occasional trip to the car wash isn’t really doing justice, for your pocket or vehicle! Unlimited car wash services provide more than just a one and done deal. You have the ability to come and go when you please, add a family member, an extra car, and use a plethora of services that benefit you. Check out these 5 reasons why you should join your local car wash in Port St. Lucie.


Clean Car at Any Time

From minivan to SUV and compact car, a club car wash will allow you the opportunity to get them clean any time. Should you have a school function and need to haul 5 more kids into the vehicle, you can stop by at any time of day to get the van cleaned.

Encourages Cleaner Habits

Having unlimited access to a car wash can encourage you to keep cleaner habits in your car. Clutter and dirt can easily be eliminated, especially for moments when you could have company at any time.

Members Only

Have you ever been to a carwash on a day with immaculate weather? It seems as though everyone in the county needs to get their car washed at the exact same time as you do. Perhaps you need a quick clean and wash while you’re on your lunch break before heading back to work and the lines are too long. You can eliminate the wait time by joining a car wash club. Your local club car wash and wax in Port St Lucie offers members only lane with plenty of features to suit your lifestyle and needs at any time. Plus, no long waits to get the job done right.

Cuts Cost

With an automatic renewal, you can cut the cost of having to sign up all over again. The monthly renewal kicks in, avoiding additional costs that you would otherwise pay for separately.

The Money You Save

Most places may have membership plans where the higher plan that you go the more money per year that you save. This means you can save up to $500 if you select a 3-5 year plan. You also have the opportunity to come and go as you please, with the many perks and advantages that most one time users do not have.

Weather the Elements

Lastly, an unlimited car wash club offers you the benefits of beating mother nature at her own game. Each year, hundreds of cars get damaged by flood waters from storms like hurricanes and other heavy rain.

Save yourself the cost and hassle of those extra bells whistles in addition to your car wash and get a membership through Treasure Coast Car Wash today!