4 Factors in Wash Quality

Have you reached the full potential of a quality car wash? Do you know what your vehicle needs, when it needs it, and how to maintain the quality? Perhaps you run your vehicle through a once-a-month wash and assume it’s good to go for another month. Improving your car wash quality means paying extra attention to detail, understanding more than just the make and model, and getting more than just a car wash. These 4 factors in carwash quality will encourage you to get the most of your car wash club in Port St. Lucie.


Water Pressure

A commercial car wash has been proven to use less water than if you were to wash your vehicle at home. Force or mass times acceleration is the force that frictionless washes use to clean your vehicle. Check the speed of the cycle or settings and adjust accordingly to ensure proper cleaning. If too much force is being used, it may result in chipped, dented or cracked paint to parts of your vehicle. Some car owners believe that the more friction you use, the cleaner the vehicle when in reality you’re only doing more damage.

Brush Friction

Friction from the brushes rubbing against the vehicle’s exteriors is important when it’s done with caution and care. But how can you tell if it’s more than enough friction? Monitor the equipment brushing along your car. It should be running smoothly at a steady speed. After the cleaning, check lubrication pints, look for leaks, proper alignment, and watch for normal action on the vehicle. You should pay close attention to your vehicle beforehand, too, so you know what to look for should something be off. Your car wash and wax in Port St. Lucie employees should be available to ensure you leave just as you came in, only cleaner.

Stay Centered

A reputable car wash club will help you center your vehicle just right for the most efficient and maximum cleaning. But if you’re pulling up to a car wash without the guidance of an employee, chances are you’re not aligned properly. This can make for uneven cleaning and, worse, susceptibility for dents and scratches.

The Dry Effect

Effective drying is essential to a cleaning, better looking vehicle. You’ll want to get the best results possible with drying so try to choose triple foams, sealants or super sealants, if possible. These sealants protect your vehicle’s exterior during the drying process.

Your car wash club in Port St. Lucie has all of the bells and whistles you need for an exterior and interior lasting shine. Stop by Treasure Coast Car Wash today and experience the difference in car wash quality!