Is a Car Wash Bad For Your Car?

Whether your vehicle is brand new or you’ve been driving it for twenty years, you’d like to keep it in as good a condition as possible. And if you don’t know too much about your vehicle or cars in general, you may be a little apprehensive about taking it to a car wash. Perhaps your last experience was even less than desired. A car wash itself is not bad for your car. But what you may not know can lead to a wash gone bad.

When You Use the Wrong Products

Regardless of the age, make and model of your vehicle, you want to use the right products on the exterior and interior of your vehicle. When you take your vehicle to the carwash and assume that the wash is going to finish itself, and pay no attention to the products being used, you may use the wrong product. Most people don’t think twice about what they use on their car while at they’re local car wash club in Port St Lucie. Most unlimited car wash services offer a range of extras such as soaps and waxes. Pay attention to the choices they give you to avoid a mediocre wash.

To Wipe or Not to Wipe

Some full service car wash and wax businesses in Port St Lucie hire attendants that use dirty rags to wipe down the cars. Bring your own rag to avoid getting a wipe down from the dirty rag that the the attendants may use on your vehicle. Their rags have been all over cars prior to yours and they may have other abrasives in the rags that scratch the exterior of your vehicle.

Set It Up

Your unlimited car wash in Port St Lucie should offer options to set up your own personalized exterior wash, from basic wash to triple foam in hot wax. You can opt out of the type wash brush or choice of shampoo. You may even choose to get complete bug removal added to your package. Take advantage of the ability to set up your own car wash so that you drive home with a good car wash experience.

The Closing

In a nutshell, a car wash can be a wonderful experience your car’s exterior and interior, and even for you! Provided that the local car wash in Port St Lucie offers all you need for a positive experience, you can leave the car wash knowing it’s in good hands every time.

You can get all of the perks at a car wash club in Port St Lucie by taking advantage of the many options available. And it’s important to find a car wash service that has all of the bells and whistles for your every need. Treasure Coast Car Wash & Detail Center offers you exceptional services for a successful experience each and every visit. Ask us about our unlimited car wash club today!