3 Reasons Your Interior is as Important as Your Exterior

Car Shampoo in Port St. Lucie, Florida

While you might think a car wash is all you need to keep your car clean in Florida, you are mistaken. Many people overlook the significance of keeping the interior of their car clean because they are too preoccupied with how their rims or paint job look. When cleaning your car, however, it is important you do not neglect the interior. The interior of your car needs a specialized deep cleaning service such as a shampooing that you simply do not get with a regular car wash.

When the interior of your car is clean it gives you a sense of pride and ownership. No one wants to drive, or even get in a dirty car so don’t let that be yours! In addition to having a car you are not embarrassed to drive people in, there are other reasons for keeping your interior as clean as your exterior.



Clean cars are safer to drive. Every year hundreds of people get in accidents for many different reasons, but car accidents caused by unclean interiors can be easily avoided. Driving with dirty windows or trash piled up on your dashboard can limit your visibility. There are several blind spots already in a car, and having filthy windows only increases the range of those blind spots. Equally, if you have trash on your dashboard or on your floor you are not being a safe driver. Trash on your dashboard could fly towards on a short stop taking your attention away from the road. Similarly, if you have trash such as soda cans or water bottles on your car floor, they can easily get stuck behind your brake or gas pedal putting you and others in severe danger.

In addition to the physical safety hazards of driving with a dirty car interior, there are also some health risks. If you fail to clean the interior of you car, bacteria and allergens can accumulate on the steering wheel, dashboard, door handles and seats. If you wouldn’t live in the conditions of your car’s interior, then you know it’s time to seek out a local car detailing service in Port St. Lucie.

Increase value


When buying a car, one of the first things you do is sit in the driver seat to see how it feels. Now imagine stepping into a car that is covered in dust and grime and looks as if it hasn’t been vacuumed in a year. How likely are you to pay full price for this car? How likely are you to even buy this car? Your vehicle’s sell-value will only increase if car is spotless from trunk to steering wheel. A car shampoo service in Port St. Lucie can help with this. However, if you do not take care of your car’s interior and keep it clean, you are automatically lowering the value of your car.

Avoid costly repair


Detailing your interior makes it easier to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. Your car’s value depreciates over time and by not cleaning the interior of your car, including the engine bay, you are allowing rust and dirt to harm your vehicle, which could end in costly repairs or part replacements.

Keeping the interior and exterior of your vehicle clean is not a luxury –it’s a necessity. For a full service clean and car shampoo in Port St. Lucie, go to Treasure Coast Car Wash and Detailing.