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Is the Unlimited Car Wash Club Membership Worth it?

Your car is constantly getting dirty from day to day. Simply driving it for a quick errand can cause dust to cover the surface. What makes this worse is the relentless summer rain here in Florida. Right when you think nature’s shower is cleaning your car that’s parked outdoors, you realize that that water has to dry sometime, which will leave watermarks and ugly, transparent stains. This is, unfortunately, part of life. Though, a great way to continuously get your car cleaned in an affordable way without putting your life on hold is to get an unlimited car wash membership. At Treasure Coast Car Wash, this membership is called the Unlimited Car Wash Club, and it serves to keep customers happy at all times. Here is how it works and what makes it totally worth having.

The Membership

Getting the Unlimited Car Wash Club membership means you can come in anytime of the month you sign up for and get a car wash. Best of all, you can come as often as you want. You can literally come on a weekly or daily basis. Even if you come more than once per day, we will welcome you. Having the membership means there is no reason to be shy; take advantage of the service! The way Treasure Coast Carwash knows that you are an unlimited car wash club member is through the sticker we give you to place on your windshield. Then, our services become quick, convenient, and unlimited. What’s even better is that the membership is affordable. For the basic express (exterior wash) membership, you only have to pay $14.99 a month; that’s 50 cents a day, which is less than buying gum or coffee.

Is It For You?

If you’re someone who is always on the go, driving your car from place to place, then the unlimited car wash club membership is for you. This is especially helpful if you take your car to the beach a lot or live in an apartment complex where your car is left outdoors 24/7.

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